Helping Others Become SelfMade

Our staff and network members are committed to encourage, guide and support those that choose to start a journey towards a healthier self.

“Self Made” is a phrase popularized over 120 years ago by Frederick Douglass’ Self-Made Men speech, which stresses the capability to impact your destiny under your own power despite the situation you are in.icon9

The concept of being “self made” is a significant part of American culture and the basis of the American Dream.

As shown by incorporating this concept in our network name, we strongly believe that every person can take their health in their own hands and embrace behaviors that can make an immediate and long-term impact.

How You Can Contribute To a “Self Made” Healthier Community

Connect with Resources – Whether you are a small or large community organization, or simply an individual embracing change, one of the biggest ways to support a healthy lifestyle is to connect and be engaged with resources dedicated to help improve health.

Many national resources can be found under our Cancer Prevention Resources page and the Quit Tobacco Tools link. In addition, seek out the many local resources provided at community health fairs, by local health systems, grocery stores, and even health insurance companies, all geared to spread actionable advice on how to reduce your cancer risk and eliminate smoking.

Motivate Others and Use Your Influence for Broad Change – Mobilize your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to spread healthy behaviors among our communities. Utilize this website to download fact sheets, trend statistics, public service announcements and many other materials that can help you share critical information about the importance of embracing a new SelfMade lifestyle. Sign up to receive updates via the SelfMade Health Network (SMHN) newsletter. And stay connected by following us and inviting others to follow us on social media via Twitter and Facebook.

Become a Member – As a community of like-minded organizations, our members are focused on impacting the health of our nation’s populations with highest rates of cancer and preventable disease.

Advocate for Policy Change – When it comes to smoking, the data unequivocally shows how dangerous using tobacco and nicotine products can be to health. Smoking dangers extend to those who are exposed to second-hand smoke. Smokefree laws are growing across the U.S. to prohibit smoking in private-sector worksites, restaurants, bars and public places. Your voice can help increase the areas within your community where the air is smokefree.