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Opening Community Gates:  Commitment to Cancer Preventionsmokefree campus 12.3.15

Cancer remains one of the top ten leading causes of death and disability and continues to affect the lives some of our nation’s most vulnerable populations. A number of preventable cancers (including Lung Cancer) disproportionately affect the lives of males and other populations with limited levels of education and access to resources.

As part of SelfMade Health Network’s commitment to supporting the evolution of healthier regions, we are launching the Power of Cancer Prevention: 100 initiative. The goal of the Power of Cancer Prevention: 100 initiative is to reduce cancer risks and late-stage cancer among students, faculty and staff on technical/vocational school campuses and similar learning institutions nationwide.

Power of Cancer Prevention: 100 involves enlisting commitment from at least 100 Technical and Vocational Schools as well as similar academic institutions in an effort to heighten awareness and increase access to risk-reduction resources and services associated with Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Colorectal Cancer and tobacco cessation especially among male adults aged 18 -65 years.

  • Community Colleges
  • Technical Colleges & Vocational Schools
  • Adult GED (General Education Diploma) Programs
  • Adult Learning Centers
  • Community Certificate Programs & Training Programs
Who can pledge to be part of the Power of Cancer Prevention: 100 ?                          

This multi-year national initiative is designed to encourage community-based academic focused institutions, including technical or vocational schools, community colleges, or local certificate programs, to pledge to achieve at least one of these goals:

  • finalize adoption of a 100% Tobacco-Free Campus Policy
  • finalize adoption of a 100% Smokefree Campus Policy
  • promote increased awareness and utilization of Cancer prevention, screening, treatment and/or survivorship resources on campus
  • promote increased awareness and utilization of tobacco cessation resources and Quitline services on campus
  • build increased awareness, community engagement and utilization of routine primary care and prevention-oriented health services to reduce late-state cancer and other health risks (e.g. Heart Disease, COPD-Lung Disease, Diabetes, Stroke)
  • recruit and engage new partners that connect men at the technical/vocational schools, at worksite and/or sporting events and in the community to a regular doctor or routine source of medical care for Cancer prevention, treatment or survivorship

In addition, other community and health organizations can pledge to Partner with local technical and vocational schools to support efforts in a variety of ways to achieve these goals. Partnering organizations provide additional guidance, cancer prevention resources and/or tobacco-cessation materials as part of their work alongside the academic school. Partner organizations may include non-profit organizations, healthcare entities, state and local public health departments, civic organizations, local businesses and others.

How do I participate as a Partner alongside a Technical or Vocational School?                   

If you are part of an organization that is not an academic or training organization, your support as a "Partner" can help provide additional guidance, resources and/or promotional support to local academic entities that have pledged to improve campus health and increase support for cancer prevention and community-clinical linkages. 

Benefits of Becoming a Partner

  • Partners work with a specific academic or training organization to implement campus-wide strategies that improve the health of campus staff, students and subsequently workforce wellness
  • Partners extend the reach of their own health and wellness, cancer prevention or tobacco-cessation materials by engaging and building awareness on campus
  • Partners who register and connect with an academic institution can be featured on the SelfMade Health Network website and other Network communications 
  • Partners receive a Certificate of Recognition that can be posted in their local community
  • Partners receive templates or guidance from SelfMade Health Network  staff that can be submitted as success stories and stories of lessons learned to inform local media about progress in the community. 
  • Partners receive additional updates and resources provided by SelfMade Health Network throughout the year to assist efforts connected to the Power of Cancer Prevention: 100 pledge. 

If you are ready to pledge as a Partner organization, fill out this Partner form to get started. 

I am part of a Vocational, Technical or Community training institution. What are my next steps? 

If you and your organization are ready to participate as one of the 100 academic or training institutions participating in the Power of Cancer Prevention: 100, finalize your pledge by completing this form allowing us to connect with you.  

Participating technical and vocational schools and other types of academic institutions may designate 1-2 members to serve as Power of Cancer Prevention: 100 Champions.  Champions serve as campus liaisons for cancer and/or tobacco cessation resources and/or partnerships.

Please Note: Schools with various campus locations may sign up and pledge separately.  There is no maximum on the number of schools that can register to join this initiative.

I want to pledge today!

We are pleased that you are interested in pledging your participation in the Power of Cancer Prevention: 100 initiative.  

If you are an educational provider, trade school, or similar, please use this form to submit your pledge of engagement. 

If you are interested in participating as a Partner to support an academic environment with achieving their goals to improve the health on their campus for their community, please use this form to submit your pledge of engagement.