Communities of Promise

As noted in the World Health Organization document: A Conceptual Framework for Action on the Social Determinants of Health (Policy and Practice), our network joins efforts to explore and utilize strategic approaches, practices and policies to reduce unequal exposures and consequences of illness in social, economic, educational and health terms associated with socioeconomic and geographic disparities.

Complementing our regional work across our country, we partner with a diverse set of institutions and organizations to establish specific regional resource hubs called “Communities of Promise,” aimed at reducing cancer-related disparities and increasing tobacco-free living environments among underserved and vulnerable populations.

Louisiana - Regional Resource Lead Organization

Kentucky - Regional Resource Lead Organization -   University of Kentucky College of Public Health

Tennessee - Regional Resource Lead Organization  - Meharry Medical College

To obtain additional information about partnership and organizational eligibility requirements that may allow you to become a formal Community of Promise, please reach out to the SelfMade Health Network through our contact form.

Target areas for Communities of Promise regions include:
Washington D.C.