Featured Resources to Distribute

We strive to establish mechanisms which promote and support resource dissemination, education, evidence-based prevention, and service utilization as well as policy adoption through a system of partners, members and national collaborations. As a Network member or partner, we hope that by sharing these featured resources to audiences within your respective network, additional underserved and vulnerable populations will be reached.

Tracking tools will be provided in the near future to SelfMade Health Network members and partners to assist with monitoring results, impact and experiences throughout the year when utilizing these resources.

Lung Cancer in African-American Men: Protect Your Family and Yourself

Statewide Smokefree Laws

Tobacco Use and Secondhand Smoke Exposure is High in Multiunit Housing

7 out of 10 Middle and High School Students Who Currently Use Tobacco have used a FLAVORED Product

Newly Released Reports & Documents

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) Breast Cancer Disparities Online Toolkit

July 2017 – Invasive Cancer Incidence and Deaths in Non-Metropolitan and Metropolitan Counties. This report published by the CDC describes cancer incidence and mortality in rural and urban America and brings to light the disparities that exist in America’s rural areas.

Prevention Awareness Graphics for Social Sharing

We are committed to building awareness surrounding prevention and screening for cancer and chronic illness shown to be prevalent in the populations we serve. These images created by SelfMade Health Network are designed to promote action, and are made available for Network members to share through social media and online tools.

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Images to Help Build Awareness on Lung Cancer Prevention:

PSA Lung Cancer Awareness-Prevention and Protection      PSA Lung Cancer Awareness-In Working Men      PSA Lung Cancer Awareness-Higher Living Below FPL

Images to Help Build Awareness on Breast Cancer Prevention:

Breast Cancer Working Women    Breast Cancer Families     Breast Cancer Friends

Public Service Announcements – Cancer Prevention & Screening

Some common types of cancer continue to affect the livelihood of males and females and remain as the leading cause of cancer mortality rates in the United States. These PSAs are designed to get attention.

Public Service Announcements – Tobacco Prevention, Screening & Cessation

Tobacco use remains attributable to some of the nation’s leading chronic conditions (including some forms of cancer).

More Shareable Items

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