What can be done?

Combating cancer caused by tobacco use starts at home within the community. This infographic - Eliminating Cancer Diagnoses in a Community - details what employers, housing authorities, faith-based organizations and health systems can do to reduce tobacco-related cancers.

How do we change tobacco use and encourage cancer screenings in low SES populations? We start from the ground up focusing on creating smoke-free environments and early cancer screenings and follow-up. This infographic - Preventing Health Disparities in LSES Populations - uses Maslow’s famed Hierarchy of Needs model to stress the importance of effectively sharing educational tools with those that need them.

We know vulnerable populations have difficulty accessing tobacco cessation services and cancer prevention screenings. This infographic – Ensuring Low Socioeconomic Populations Have Access To Care — dives deep and shares how to combat those obstacles to take control and inspire change.