2022 Healthier Nation Fact Sheet Series

Every day is an opportunity to fundamentally change the trajectory of cancer in every region and state. Cancer transcends regional belts: Rust Belt, Wheat Belt, Sun Belt, Corn Belt, Stroke Belt, Rice Belt, Jell-O Belt, and Frost Belt. The resurgence of the SelfMade Health Network (SMHN) Healthier Nation Fact Sheets provides a roadmap to envisioning a country with better cancer health throughout neighboring states, counties, parishes, communities and worksites. Designed to support all businesses, industries/sectors, labor unions, small business associations and minority-owned businesses as well as the Chambers of Commerce, this series also includes a list of solutions to select from.

Access to each Healthier Nation Fact Sheet is available at: https://selfmadehealth.org/educate/determinants-of-health-fact-sheets/