Shonta Chambers

Shonta Chambers

Principal Investigator

Shonta serves as the Principal Investigator on record as part of DP13-1314 National Networks to Reduce Cancer and Tobacco Related Disparities Cooperative Agreement.

此外, Shonta holds the role of Executive Vice President-Health Equity Initiatives and Programs for the Patient Advocate Foundation.  Shonta is responsible for the development and implementation of a national strategy to address health equity, as it relates to the targeted populations defined within the cooperative agreement that SelfMade Health Network abides by, and separately, the patients served by the Foundation.

Prior to joining Patient Advocate Foundation, she was the Deputy Director for Administration and Finance for the Chronic Disease Prevention Section within the Georgia Department of Public Health. Her experience includes nearly 15 years with the State of Georgia serving both the Department of Community Health (Office of Women’s Health) and the Georgia Department of Public Health. During her public health career, she functioned in a variety of capacities including, Interim Director for the Chronic Disease Prevention Section. In this capacity, she provided leadership and senior level consultative support to the Department of Public Health around chronic disease prevention and health promotion best practices. The breadth of her experience includes leading efforts to integrate primary and secondary prevention strategies for a variety chronic disease and risk factor programs (Cardiovascular Health, 糖尿病, Tobacco Use, Asthma, and Cancer) and women’s health.

於 2011, her role was expanded to include sexual violence prevention and adolescent health and youth development. Shonta’s commitment to chronic disease prevention and health promotion is also evident in her volunteer activities. She have been an active volunteer with the American Heart/American Stroke Association for the past 14 years serving at the national and affiliate level. She is a former member of the American Heart Association Greater Southeast Affiliate and National Board of Directors. Shonta is the former chair for the Greater SE Affiliate Cultural Health Initiative Board and the National AHA Diversity Leadership Committee.

於 2013, she was the recipient of the AHA’s Louis B. Russell Award for her work to increase awareness of heart disease and stroke among minority populations and for her vision to increase diversity across all AHA national committees. Shonta has served on a variety of boards, workgroups, councils, committees and taskforces, 包含, the Directors of Health Promotion and Education, the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors and the CDC Expert Working Group “Role of Public Health in Screening Programs in an Era of Healthcare Reform” (Sponsored by Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-February 2010). Shonta received her Bachelors of Arts degree (Social Work) from Talladega College and her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan.

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Dwana “Dee” Calhoun


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作為導演, 迪伊負責監督, 通過開展的所有活動的領導和協調 SelfMade Health Network.

迪擁有15年的背景集中在醫療質量的提高各類企業和政府環境中, 慢性病管理和公共健康. 她曾與不同的實體,包括初級衛生保健協會密切合作, 質量改進組織 (QIOs), 學術機構 (包括藥劑馬里蘭大學, 內分泌醫學賽區的埃默里學院), 商業團體和非營利性的宣傳組織,如美國糖尿病協會,並提出了在國家和國家會議,包括煙草或健康的全國會議.

迪首次引入醫療保健,而作為一個十幾歲的志願者工作在聯邦合格健康中心在鄉村教區在路易斯安那州南部. 她獲得了科學學士學位的醫學預科: 生物與化學未成年人從路易斯安那州的拉斐特大學, 路易斯安那州.

在出席布隆博格公共衛生學院十年後, 她被重新引入醫療保健制度對弱勢群體的影響,同時完成了一批項目作為她的“健康和無家可歸”課程的一部分. 後來她以優異的成績從Old Dominion大學獲得理學碩士學位,在社區衛生畢業, 諾福克, 弗吉尼亞州. 迪伊也完成了實習在東弗吉尼亞醫學院倫納德Strelitz糖尿病研究所.


經營和管理的網絡活動,需要支持人員的一個完整的團隊. Under the leadership of the Principal Investigator, 自製健康網員工培訓,公共衛生其他專家, evaluation, 衛生政策, 事件管理, 通訊和市場營銷, 財會, 旅遊協調與物流.

必要時, 額外的專家顧問也從事把專業知識與網絡相關的項目和活動.