Quit Smoking Tools

Together we can save lives.

People who stop smoking can greatly reduce their risk for disease and early death. The younger you are when you quit, the better your chances of avoiding health problems. But quitting later in life still has benefits.

The following resources are geared to help tobacco users make a positive change for themselves and those around them.

Smokefree.gov provides educational tools and information to help smokers break the habit. It also promotes other healthier living tips to help make the habit stick.

Smokefree Women helps you or someone you care about quit smoking by providing quitting advice, tips and support specific to women’s needs, including expectant mothers.
Freedom from Smoking by American Lung Association
Freedom from Smoking has educational resources, support groups and policy information about clean air initiatives. It also provides PSAs about smoking.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC website breaks down affected populations by race, age, and gender. There are prevention tools, as well as quit line contacts numbers.

Hear the real stories of people living with smoking-related diseases and disabilities.

This website empowers smokers to quit successfully and motivates the youth to remain tobacco free.
The Real Cost
The Real Cost is geared toward young people as a preventative measure and a quit tool. Providing facts, overall costs and how to avoid peer pressure, The Real Cost covers a wide range of quit tips.
BeTobaccoFree.gov provides information gathered through an intra-agency effort that works to coordinate policy, research, and communications on tobacco topics. Information supports current smokers as well as organizations committed to assisting smokers to live healthier lives.
Quit Tobacco — Make Everyone Proud
Quit Tobacco – Make Everyone Proud
Quit Tobacco – Make Everyone Proud is an educational resource for the U.S. military with a mission to help U.S. service members quit tobacco—for themselves and for the people they love.
This site is designed to help teens understand the decisions they make—especially the decision to quit smoking—and how those decisions fit into a healthy life.
Presented in Spanish – espanol.Smokefree.gov provides information and professional assistance to support both immediate and long-term needs for native Spanish-speakers as they become, and remain, non-smokers.