Become a Network Member

SelfMade Health Network is a national network working together to decrease cancer and tobacco-related disparities among vulnerable communities including low socio-economic status (SES) populations.

We strive to link vulnerable populations to evidence-based information, resources and essential services by nurturing and supporting a partnership with our member organizations. The potential effect of these combined aspects are intended to ensure greater equitable access, increased utilization of preventive and routine cancer care resources, and tobacco-free living environmental support where otherwise unavailable.

Our priority populations include: employees with a low annual income (including minimum wage employees and unemployed), part-time and seasonal employees, uninsured adults, and those receiving assistance from food banks or receiving other forms of state/federal assistance and social services. Populations residing in low-income housing communities and underserved areas with limited healthcare resources, high concentrations of poverty or drop-out rates are also included.

Core Membership

  • As a Core Member, your organization commits to provide key recommendations on methods to reach target audiences, based on local and in-depth community insight. Core Member organizations participate and engage their national, regional and local audiences to spread awareness of resources critical to improving health outcomes. Core Members also distribute educational collateral to their respective contacts and help communities connect with evidence-based tools. Core Members will take part in at least two membership events per year and are subscribed to all member communications. Leadership Council members are recruited from the Core Membership.

As an alternative to joining our efforts as a Core Member, synergetic organizations and energized individuals can participate as a SelfMade Health Network partner in the following roles.

Network Dissemination Partner

  • Dissemination Partners are committed to regularly sharing print and electronic information about the SelfMade Health Network’s initiatives, including resources, summits, trainings and various events with their respective audience and community contacts. Dissemination Partners agree to provide logs of distribution efforts back to SelfMade Health Network for reporting purposes. Dissemination Partners are subscribed and receive member communications.

Peer-to-Peer Learning Network Partner

  • Peer-to-Peer Network Partners engage alongside SelfMade Health Network leaders in industry peer-to-peer events that seek to further address cancer or tobacco disparity topics among low socioeconomic populations and other vulnerable populations. During and following these events, Peer-to-Peer Network Partners commit to share this information back with the broader membership as well as their community contacts.

Tackling and conquering tobacco and cancer prevention and control efforts is quite an undertaking and requires a concerted effort from a vast cadre of organizations and communities nationwide. We look forward to pursuing efforts related to this mission with you by our side.