Additional Educate Resources

The resources on this page assist members and interested parties with tools that help build a robust knowledge base.

Health Literacy Activities by State

Hosted by the CDC, this page includes state and local collaborations and academic, government and non-profit organizations with a health literacy focus.

Gynecologic Cancer Curriculum

Hosted by the CDC, the Gynecologic Cancer Curriculum shares campaigns and case studies supporting women's health.

STATE System Interactive Maps

Hosted by the CDC, the STATE System Interactive Maps cover current and historical state-level data on tobacco use prevention and control, including tax rates, preemption and smokefree legislation.

From Coverage to Care

Developed by CMS, this national initiative assists patients, clients, employees, and caregivers as well as professionals and community organizations, to understand health coverage information and navigate primary care and preventive services.

Hosted by HHS, this website offers a searchable table of contents to connect users with a breadth of health topics, including recommended preventive care services.

Smoking and Disability Populations

Smoking accounts for half a million deaths every year and is of particular concern among people with disabilities (PWD). Produced by Ohio Disability & Health Programs, this fact sheet shares data on the barriers that PWD experience when accessing smoking cessation programs, and strategies to reduce this disparity.